What does a big brake kit include?

2x Forged AL Brake calipers 2x two-piece rotors 2x Braided brake lines 2x caliper adapters and all bolts to fit to your vehicle.

How long does it take to build a set of AL Motorsport Brakes?

All brake kits are built to order and we can have them built and shipped to your doorstep in 21 days for most countries and states.

Can you custom build kits for custom fabricated Suspension and Differential setups?

Yes, contact us via Email we will send you a cheat sheet, which provides us with the exact measurements to build the kit to your specs.

How do I know which size brake setup my car needs?

Brake setup size is usually chosen by lots of different factors Car weight, Motorsport Class, Wheel Size and many more if you are not comfortable deciding which you require feel free to contact us.

Which brake pad should I use?

We have 3 different compounds of Brake pads:

Street Pads – For normal street driving providing efficient braking within temperatures ranging from 0-450°C (Recommended for daily driving)

Sport Pads – Can be used for more spirited driving conditions and provide efficient braking from 0-600°C (it is not unusual for these pads to make noise under operation) (For the daily drive that gets occasional track days)

Track Pads – Are made from our proprietary blend the highest temperature compound mixture making braking most efficient through braking temperatures ranging 120-735°C (it is not unusual for these pads to make noise under operation) (For Race use only)

Are the brake callipers serviceable?

Yes, and we can send you service kits for all AL callipers.

Can you machine the disc rotors?

We do not recommend machining the rotors if used for motorsport activity as they are subjected to high temperatures and recommend have a spare set of rotor rings, which can be purchased separately. Minimum thickness is displayed on the rotors.

Can you run other brand brake pads?

What material are the callipers made from?

All Calipers and Rotor hubs are machined from Forged 6061 Aluminum and stainless components including some steel adapters.

What is a full floating rotor?

A full floating rotor is a rotor ring connected to a rotor hub via friction clips used under motorsport conditions it allows the rotor ring flexibility to expand and shrink under extreme temperatures.

A 2-piece rotor design by itself will also help in braking weight simply because there is a lot less unsprung weight on the hub assembly that the brakes have to stop. It also reduces heat transfer from brakes to hub bearings and steering components.

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